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5 Pack Infused - Lemon Jack


A potent sativa-hybrid strain featuring a distinct, lemon smell, Lemon Jack has strong psychoactive effects. Focused and energizing, this strain’s effects draw from both its Jack Herer and Lemon Kush heritage. Lemon Jack is an incredible daytime strain. Works wonders for patients with headaches and fatigue. ~We combine Sherbert with hash from Nasha for an added extra cerebral euphoric effect~ Fresh from artistan family farms in Northern California, Stone Road joints are always free of pesticides and synthetics. Our premium flower joints are hand-rolled in French papers and beautifully packaged in photography from our farm. 20.02


Pre-roll Packs: 3.5g

THC*: 20.02%

CBD*: 0.11%

*Amounts are averages, individual items may vary.